Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frog Update!

So I have good news! It appears that the frogs around our pool are gone. As you might recall from an earlier post, we were having major problems with those frogs croaking around bed time. It was driving us crazy since the pool is right outside our bedroom window.

Well, they're gone, and I think I've figure out why. Our main problem earlier was that our pool's chemical levels weren't right; as a matter of fact, at the time, the pool still had a green tint from winter and there was a bit of algae still in it. Frankly, it looked a lot like a pond; in retrospect, I'm not surprised the frogs were at home there. So if there is any advice I can offer to people who are having this problem, it's this: just get your pool chemical levels right, and it's likely not to be a problem anymore. A chlorinated pool is not a very happy home for mating frogs.

Speaking of advice to others, it's been interesting. I've gotten at least 10 or 12 hits on my blog from people who googled "how to get rid of frogs," or some variety thereof. I'm afraid they didn't get any help, because at the time, I was as at a loss as they probably are now. I tried googling the same thing and came up pretty much empty. So I hope that my earlier advice helps.

If Google has brought you here because of frogs, let me also tell you that this is not usually a site about the great outdoors or home improvement. My main reason for blogging is this guy named Jesus. I know what you might be thinking: we Christians are a strange lot. I admit, that is often the case. I wonder if you might think about Jesus though. Find someone who is a Christian, who maybe you have some respect for, and ask them about him. Better yet, find a Bible, and read the book of Matthew. You'll see he's probably not what you think he is.

Also, if you have a couple of minutes, check out this video. It's a guy named John Piper explaining what the gospel, or good news of Jesus is, in six minutes. That's long enough not to be canned or trite, but short enough that it won't take up your entire evening. And yeah, that's a funny look he has on his face in the freeze frame.


rosajosa said...

I had forgotten all about your blog until I was cleaning out my "favorites" list and came across "A Good Infection". I couldn't remember what it was so I clicked on the link and quickly remembered. It's funny to read stuff you've written because you just sound like your same old self, even though it's been probably 8 or 10 years since we've really talked. It's good to see you are all doing well. Send me some pictures of Reed some time. I know he must be getting so big!


Wade Phillips said...

I still sound like I used to sound? That must mean you were rolling your eyes a lot as you were reading!

I'm glad you're doing well. We certainly are. Reed is growing like a weed. I'll have to put some a pic or two up on the blog at some point. I've seen and liked your kiddie pictures.

Thanks for readin! Come back soon!