Friday, July 11, 2008

This Week's Lesson

I'm frankly a little bit nervous about this week's lesson; let's just say it's not really in my area of theological expertise. I told you all last week how Revelation is not my favorite part of the Bible. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed studying it over the last several weeks. That having been said, this week is particularly difficult for me, because it's a subject that has been a particular thorn in the church's side for many years - the anti-Christ.

Everyone from the Pope to Bill Clinton has been called the anti-Christ. It's been a source of endless speculation for about 2000 years, and so far at least, I don't think we've really nailed down anyone as the guy yet. I don't plan to spend a minute of time speculating on who he'll be Sunday. We'll have more important taks, like getting an idea of what kind of person he will be, and what he will do. We'll also look at who's "pulling his strings" so to speak, and what the call is to Christians in the face of the anti-Christ.

It should be interesting! I'll look forward to seeing you all Sunday!

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