Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back in Town and This Week's Lesson

To quote George Constanza, "I'm back, baby!" After eight, I mean nine, days of vacation with some of WTOK's most loyal viewers in Western Canada, we are finally back home. We rolled in yesterday morning, about twelve hours later than we expected to. Nevertheless, we are glad to be back home. Today, we held Reed's 3rd birthday party. He turned 3 Monday, but he doesn't know that, so keep it quiet okay?

The trip was great, with a few minor bumps in the proverbial road. Crystal and I flew into Seattle on Thursday afternoon, only to find that the rest of tour group was stuck in Houston because of bad weather. So instead of meeting up with them that night, we had to wait a day, and meet them in Vancouver. In the meantime, we got to take a quick tour of Seattle, courtesy our trusty bus driver, Mark. He took us all around the city in a big charter bus that was meant for the entire group. Here's a pic of my lovely bride and me atop the Space Needle.

Following a short time in Seattle, we met our tour group Friday night in Vancouver, BC. The next day, we traveled by ferry to the city of Victoria. It's a beautiful, historic, tourist attraction. Here is a picture of the Parliament Building there.

While in Victoria, we watched a street show. The guy in the following video is a juggler. The video is of his final act, where he juggled two flaming sticks and a machete while straddling a pair of chairs. As he did that, a guy with a flaming helmet rode a tricycle between his legs. Pretty funny!

Okay, I'm going to pick up the rest of the trip later, with more pictures, including our two days of railroading in the Canadian Rockies. By the way, the 20 or so other people who went on the trip plan to post photos of their own on our web site. Just go to, and click on the photo album. I've already posted a couple of pictures there.

But I do want to let any who might check before tomorrow morning know that we'll be beginning a study of the book of Hebrews in Sunday school this week. We'll look at some of the highlights over the next four weeks. That's frankly not nearly long enough, but we'll do our very best to look at the major themes. Tomorrow, we'll look at chapter 1 and the first part of chapter 2. It will be a look at the preeminence of Jesus above every thing on Heaven and on earth, and the consequences of neglecting to remember that. I'll have to say, my study time was especially sweet and rewarding, because I had so much free time.

Finally, please pray for our Pastor Search Committee. We'll be meeting at 5:00 Sunday, and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom at that particular time, if you can. Have a great day!

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