Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Serious About Getting People to Jesus

I've had several different things come together over the last several days that have opened my heart up in a new way to those who are outside the faith. In evangelical Christian circles, we call that having a "heart for the lost." I've always desired to be a better evangelist, but I've never been nearly as serious about it as I should. But a few simple things that have happened over the last several days have given me a desire to reach out more to those who don't know Christ. Here's what's happened.

1) I'm reading Chuck Colson's "Born Again." It's the story of how the former Nixon henchman who spent time in the federal pen for his Watergate-related crimes came to Christ. Many people who know who Colson is now, may not know about his past. Though I knew about it, I didn't know the details. Reading the specifics of his conversion, and how it changed him from a power-hungry, pride-filled White House bulldog into a champion for those the hurting and poor and imprisoned was inspiring to me. I want to see people's lives changed like that! I want to be a part of that! I've been in tears on more than one occasion reading his story.

2) A simple associational Sunday School training event last night gave me just the kind of reminder I needed about the lost people in our community, desperately in need of God's forgiving, healing hand. It also gave me some ideas as to how to reach them.

3) The fellowship and discussion we've had in our Sunday school class the last couple of weeks has been fabulous. It's reminded me that Christian community is unique, and that everyone needs it.

None of these things are big things, but they've all kind of coalesced over the last few days to remind me of what I have in Christ, and what I have not been sharing with others. With God's help though, I'm going to do better. I know I must be a better witness, in my actions, and in my words. I know I must give off the "aroma of Christ." I'm ready to get started!

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